Upcoming Events

MAY 14

FUN RIDE, Olympic Park

MAY 17

FUN RIDE, Round Valley

Time Trials

With a week of official practice under our belt, we decided to take the kids up for time trials at Round Valley. Two reasons for this: 1) to determine how to split up our 30+ riders into riding groups, but more importantly 2) establish a baseline at...

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Skills Clinic

Drew Jordan, the original East High MTB coach, came out Thursday night to hold a skills clinic for our new and returning riders. We worked on attack position, braking, cornering, and climbing obstacles. We'll be holding additional clinics in July and August and will be...

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No More Power Points

A big thanks to the Mayer household for hosting our team party Thursday night - the biggest crowd we've ever seen. And that was one of Coach Bob's finer Power Point presentation. But that will be the last one for a long while. It's all...

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Finding the Right Trail

[caption id="attachment_51089" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] After doing the first section of Mormon Pioneer a couple of times, these 3rd grade riders decided to try the next section. They had to push their bikes up the first hill, but were able to navigate through the ruts and...

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Time to Start Riding

  School is coming to an end, which means it's time to grab your bike and get on a trail. Incoming freshman racer Oliver Lindsay got a head start and took one of the team bikes down to Moab over the Memorial Day Weekend. We're going...

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We’re Going to Need More Trails

  Look at the numbers Coach Bob Mayer presented at the athlete/parent meeting for East High MTB last night and it's apparent we're going to need new bike trails.   Last year the Utah cycling league had 1576 high school racers, making it the largest league in the...

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East High Division 1?

  If the turnout to our first Fun Ride on Tuesday is any indication East High may be headed to Division 1 — in Utah MTB, teams with 15 or fewer High School racers are in Division 2 and those with 16 or more are in...

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Girls Rock at East High MTB

The way team scoring works for NICA racing is they take the top six point earners for each race and add them up for the team total. One of the six scores MUST be from a female rider, so the teams with strong female riders...

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Getting Ready for the Races

School has started and we are riding hard, getting ready for our first race, Saturday, September 17 in Vernal. We've got over thirty riders this year, with a dozen of them on our Jr. Devo team. Too late to join? Not at all. Come on a...

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Our Jr. Devo Continues to Grow

Our Jr. Devo team has more than doubled this year and we have a great crew of strong riders in both 7th and 8th grade. This is the future of our team and we can't wait till they can race for us in High School. [caption...

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