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MAY 14

FUN RIDE, Olympic Park

MAY 17

FUN RIDE, Round Valley

Time Trials

With a week of official practice under our belt, we decided to take the kids up for time trials at Round Valley. Two reasons for this:
1) to determine how to split up our 30+ riders into riding groups, but more importantly
2) establish a baseline at the beginning of the season so riders can gauge how much they have improved throughout the season.


We couldn’t have done it without a great support crew that came out to help with the timing, manning the race course, riding as sweep. We had 16 riders and nearly as many adults — parents, relatives, neighbors and team alumni all came out to help.


The course was 3.8 miles, with about 200 feet of climbing.

For racers, this chart will give you an idea of the speeds you were going at (note: your speeds on other trails, or at races, will likely be less because there will be more climbing involved):

13 min: 17.5 mph
14 min: 16.3 mph
15 min: 15.2 mph
16 min: 14.3 mph
17 min: 13.4 mph
18 min: 12.6 mph
19 min: 12 mph
20 min: 11.4 mph
21 min: 10.8 mph
22 min: 10.3 mph
23 min: 9.9 mph
24 min: 9.5 mph
25 min: 9.1 mph
26 min: 8.8 mph
27 min: 8.4 mph
28 min: 8.1 mph
29 min: 7.9 mph
30 min: 7.6 mph