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MAY 14

FUN RIDE, Olympic Park

MAY 17

FUN RIDE, Round Valley

Round Valley Race

Mishaps and mayhem abounded at the Round Valley race in Park City this weekend, with an unprecedented amount of flats and falls, yet despite it all the team managed to bring home their 2nd best score to date, with a 9th place Division 2 finish.

Hurricane Henry Zakowski running across the finish line with his bicycle over his shoulder and his rear wheel missing somewhere in the bushes for a 3rd place finish in the boys JV division was only the most visible of the mishaps. Changing tires on the trail or running a bike in for the final lap put some of our riders back considerably — especially heartbreaking because many were heading towards their best finishes to date.

Most important of all, no one gave up, and a few even had their best races of the season.

The Jr. Devo finished up their 3-race season Friday night with a strong showing as well.