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MAY 14

FUN RIDE, Olympic Park

MAY 17

FUN RIDE, Round Valley

There are a lot of techniques you can learn to become a better mountain biker, from the basics of braking and cornering to the all important skill of shifting your weight. On this page we’ll be uploading helpful material and links that you can use to become a better mountain biker.


Finding your forearms and triceps are tired at the end of the ride? May be that you’re keeping your arms too straight and stiff. In the attack position, your arms are loose, to absorb the bumps of the trail, but ready to respond to what’s coming next.




In Utah we ride a lot of switchbacks. We have steep mountains and to get up or down the trail we often have to use switchbacks, so it’s important to know how to navigate them. Take a look at this video and try to put it into practice the next time you’re on the trail.