We embrace riders of any skill level. Some of our athletes are serious about competition, others are principally interested in adventures with friends. We design our practices and our team structure to meet the needs of all of these racers. Our goal is not about having our riders finish first in their races; it’s about having them find joy in mountain biking and embracing the sport as a lifelong activity.


At practices, we split up the riders according to their ability so they can ride in a group that is appropriate for them. Riders having a tough day can practice down a group and riders who are doing particularly well may be invited to ride up a group at a practice. We organize our practices and the races so our riders will have ample opportunity to socialize with each other, regardless of who they practice or race with.



At races, riders are placed in categories that are appropriate to their level and separated by gender. None of our riders are forced to race, though when they do they generally love the experience (maybe not the actual race, but having done it and then hanging out to cheer their friends on).